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The Terror of the Tongs (1961)

The Terror of the Tongs is a movie starring Christopher Lee, Yvonne Monlaur, and Geoffrey Toone. In 1910, Hong Kong members of a secret Tong crime syndicate protect their identities by murdering the daughter of a British sea captain...

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The Synopsis for The Terror of the Tongs (1961) 720p

A secret society of Hong-Kong at the beginning of the century called "The Red Dragon Tong" kidnaps the captain of a ship in the harbour of Hong-Kong as he tries to detain the killers of his daughter. Because the secret society is very powerful it is not easy to free him from their hands.

The Director and Players for The Terror of the Tongs (1961) 720p

[Director]Anthony Bushell
[Role:]Yvonne Monlaur
[Role:]Christopher Lee
[Role:]Marne Maitland
[Role:]Geoffrey Toone

The Reviews for The Terror of the Tongs (1961) 720p

Not so badReviewed byjohn-1952Vote: 7/10

To enjoy this movie you must ignore that most of the 'Chinese' are played by obviously English actors. That was how it was done back then. Hammer worked with limited budgets but almost always came up with suspenseful and colourful movies.

Christopher Lee plays his role with his usual aplomb, whilst the rest of the cast made up of many familiar faces keeps the movie rolling along.

I first saw this movie over thirty years ago and it took me quite a while to track down a copy on VHS but to this day I still enjoy it immensely. Don't regard it as a piece of art. It's an adventure film in the same vein as Big Trouble in Little China, done very well for the small money and time they had to make it.

Tough Captain SaleReviewed bybugsmoran29Vote: 8/10

I recently watched this movie along with 2 other similar Hammers Productions film ('She" and "Fu Manchu") and this was the best of the 3 in my opinion. Christopher Lee plays the kingpin of a criminal organization in Hong; his character was sinister and sly. The big, burly Englishman who played Captain Jackson Sale was an effective hero who held his own against the gangsters. I enjoyed watching the martial arts fighting scene where the actors were mixing a Chinese fighting style with Japanese judo. The woman who saved Sale's life was a living doll. I suppose one can take exception to white Europeans playing Asian characters. All in all, it was a fun movie.

Decent little Hammer rarityReviewed byThe_VoidVote: 7/10

Terror of the Tongs is a largely unknown Hammer film and, as such, isn't one the great studio's best films. It is, however, a more than decent entry in Hammer's oeuvre, and is well worth seeking out for Hammer fans. The film takes place in Hong Kong, and director Anthony Bushell does a fairly good job of capitalising on the mystery of the eastern culture. The most prominent thing about this film is no doubt the fact that it stars the great Christopher Lee - as the Chinese head of 'The Tongs'! It's a hilarious performance, and while Lee doesn't exactly convince the audience that he's Chinese, it brilliantly shows off his charisma and ability to hold the audience's attention. The plot focuses on a secret Hong Kong society known as 'The Red Dragon Tong'. They kidnap the captain of a ship in Hong Kong harbour while he's trying to restrain the people who kidnapped his daughter. We then follow the attempt to free him from the Tong; but this isn't a group of amateurs, as the society is big and powerful and freeing the captain isn't easy.

The film actually isn't a lot like what I've come to expect from Hammer, as it's all played out rather seriously and there's not a hint of anything even resembling supernatural activity. The film doesn't reflect particularly well on the Chinese people - as despite being set in Hong Kong, there's hardly any natives on the cast list and the Chinese characters don't get to much that has any bearing on the plot. The atmosphere is nothing to write home about, although director Anthony Bushell manages to create just about enough tension to keep things ticking over. The acting is generally below average, with only Christopher Lee coming out of the film with any credibility - which is amazing considering the nature of his role. The film doesn't have a great deal of bite - in spite of a torture sequence and numerous scenes of drug use - although it mostly isn't boring. Overall, I can't say that The Terror of the Tongs is even near to being Hammer's finest hour, but it's a decent little rarity and worth tracking down for Hammer fans.

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