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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Plan 9 from Outer Space is a movie starring Gregory Walcott, Tom Keene, and Mona McKinnon. Evil aliens attack Earth and set their terrible "Plan 9" in action. As the aliens resurrect the dead of the Earth to destroy the living, our...

IMDB: 4.03 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 79
  • IMDB Rating: 4.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) 720p

In California, an old man (Bela Lugosi) grieves the loss of his wife (Vampira) and on the next day he also dies. However, the space soldier Eros and her mate Tanna use an electric device to resurrect them both and the strong Inspector Clay (Tor Johnson) that was murdered by the couple. Their intention is not to conquer Earth but to stop mankind from developing the powerful bomb "Solobonite" that would threaten the universe. When the population of Hollywood and Washington DC sees flying saucers on the sky, a colonel, a police lieutenant, a commercial pilot, his wife and a policeman try to stop the aliens.

The Director and Players for Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) 720p

[Director]Edward D. Wood Jr.
[Role:]Gregory Walcott
[Role:]Duke Moore
[Role:]Mona McKinnon
[Role:]Tom Keene

The Reviews for Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) 720p

A film to be taughtReviewed bylschwartz106Vote: 7/10

First of all, how could a film that has brought so much enjoyment to so many people be called "the worst film ever made"? I have seen major Hollywood products with major Hollywood stars and some of these films are impossible to sit through even once. "Dick Tracy" comes to mind, as does "Caligula." The very first time I saw "Plan 9" in a NYC revival house, just hearing Tor Johnson's struggle with English pronunciation and watching him wriggle out of the ground was worth the price of admission! It was probably the hardest I'd laughed in a movie theatre in many years. I don't know what kind of movie the actor who plays Eros thinks he's in, but he seems to be having a lot of fun. We all know that the comedy of the film was unintentional, then why do we laugh? We laugh because Mr. Wood does everything conceivable to mask his non-budget to give the illusion of a grand sci-fi-horror epic. And he does it with such unabashed gracelessness with so little concern for time continuity or any other kind of logic, that we laugh at just how absurd the medium of film can become, if used in incompetent hands. Ed Wood gives new meaning to the word "schlock." The cinematic legacy he has left to enjoy should be called "pop-schlock." If the point of the film is to ultimately entertain, this is one of the best films of all time, not the worst.

poorly done but not boring!Reviewed byPaulyCVote: 7/10

Although this movie got famous for having the reputation of "the worst film ever made" I really do disagree. Sure there are many continuity mistakes including shots shifting between day and night in the same scene and the unrealistic dialog and silly looking sets but it all adds to the fun. The story revolves around UFO sightings happening in a Los Angeles town. The police and eventually the army step in to blast them out of the sky but can't hurt them. The martians who run the UFO'S look and sound like regular people but with silly uniforms. Their mission is to release "Plan 9" on the humans which is a plan involving bringing the dead to life to get everyones attention. The martians want to bring peace to earth by communicating with the humans but all the humans want to do is destroy the UFO'S making it hard for a peace talk. How this weird plan is supposed to work to bring peace is silly in itself. There are so many mistakes and silly scenes in the movie I would take up too much space writing it all. When Gregory Walcott, one of the lead actors, read the script, he told director Ed Wood it was the worst script he ever read but he needed the work. Bela Lugosi appears in some footage shot just before his death with no project in mind. Ed incorporated it in this movie so he can include him in the film. Lugosi was doubled by Tom Mason, Woods Wife's chiropractor, who was inches taller and played the part with a cape covering most of his face. The movie stars Wood regulars Paul Marco and Conrad Brooks. This movie reinforces my belief that the only bad film is a boring film!

The worst, and therefore one of the best, movies of all timeReviewed byspirit-of-1969Vote: 10/10

Poor poor Plan 9: So bad people just watch it to laugh about how bad it is, yet this fundamental flaw pushes it above bad movies, and so it's stuck in between the bottom 100, and well, no where near the top 250...

Anyway, back to the movie. It is as bad as you've no doubt heard. The scene changes from night to day to night, the spaceship is a hubcap (you can see the string it hangs from catch on fire at one point), I could do a better job acting, etc. ad nauseum. But it takes a hell of a lot to be almost universally considered the worst movie of all time, and here is Plan 9's true strength. There are many horrible of movies, but most of them are so bad because they are too bad to be truly bad, and therefore sink into mediocrity. Plan 9, however, has no redeeming quality's, and so it stands out. Few will recognise a movie such as "The Medallion," but every movie-goer knows Plan 9.

As I said before, it takes a hell of a lot to be the worst. Because of this, Plan 9 is some of the most fun you'll EVER have watching a movie. Almost every scene is so bad I broke out laughing. Few other movies achieve that kind of humor, whether intentional or not. For that I give it a very intentional 10/10.

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