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Operation Finale (2018)

Operation Finale is a movie starring Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, and Mélanie Laurent. A team of secret agents set out to track down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.

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The Synopsis for Operation Finale (2018) 720p

Director Chris Weitz's historical thriller is based on the story of how a group of Israeli secret agents arrested notorious SS officer Adolf Eichmann - the man who masterminded the "Final Solution" - in Argentina. Oscar Isaac plays the legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin, while Ben Kingsley plays his emotionally manipulative arch-nemesis. After tracking Eichmann down to Buenos Aires, Malkin and his men captured him and brought him to Israel for a historic 8-month trial.

The Director and Players for Operation Finale (2018) 720p

[Director]Chris Weitz
[Role:]Ben Kingsley
[Role:]Lior Raz
[Role:]Oscar Isaac
[Role:]Melanie Laurent

The Reviews for Operation Finale (2018) 720p

PC bows and caricaturesReviewed bydowney-40482Vote: 6/10

It's good to see this subject being revived. But as for the movie, I'd recommend reading Neal Bascomb's book and calling it good. 1) The movie creates out of whole cloth a female doctor/love-interest for Peter Malkin. The mission's real doctor was a man, not so tied to Malkin in the story line. Also, Malkin deserves a lot props, but pro'ly not all the props. 2) The movie portrays Argentine Nazi expats as caricatures like Henry Gibson's tribe in "The Blues Brothers." Bascomb seems to indicate the underground Nazis in Argentina were ambivalent at best about Eichmann. That ambivalence really highlights how far the wretch had fallen when they finally grabbed him, and makes his case far more interesting as study of evil. But the movie didn't even try catch that angle of the story.

Less "historic" movie I've ever seenReviewed bydiegovaldecasasVote: 1/10

I've been fascinated by the (real) history of Eichmann in Argentina for years now and I was really expecting a movie that I could at least finish watching. They basically disregarded all the interesting bits of history and put amazing emphasis on those parts of the storyline that are clearly invented (by a teenager on steroids, I would add). It's a failed attempt to make a mixture of history and action that won't appeal to fans of either genres. This is technically a three star movie, but I'm giving one because of the unbelievable waste of an incredible cinema-ready story.

Really not goodReviewed bygcklech-29161Vote: 3/10

The acting is fine but the movie's mostly pretty dull. The thing that got me the most is that they seemed to be trying to combine Eichmann with Himmler as there were some serious historical inaccuracies in the film. Adolf Eichmann was not the 'architect of the Holocaust' - that was without a doubt a combination of Hitler and Himmler with the assistance of Heydrich. Also, Eichmann NEVER attended the shootings of the Einsatzgruppen. Himmler, however, did and it was direct exposure to these atrocities that caused him to reconsider the manner in which the Jews were dealt with - and purely to protect the mental state of his men. and not those being shot in pits.

As others have stated I thought the whole central focus on the sister and the killing of her children was a bit daft, and the part where the van rear doors were opened up and a literal flood of Jewish corpses were exposed was bizarre. I know this was intended to show the operation of the gas vans, but the implication that people were wedged into the back of these in tiered layers was just off the charts mental.

So, essentially the movie was pretty dull, the acting fine, but they certainly didn't make the most of the story of Eichmann. As someone else stated they'd have been better concentrating on the trial itself and his statements about the Nazi regime.

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