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Nightwatch (1997)

Nightwatch is a movie starring Ewan McGregor, Nick Nolte, and Anais Evans. A law student, who takes a job as a night watchman at a morgue, begins to discover clues that implicate him as the suspect of a series of murders.

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The Synopsis for Nightwatch (1997) 720p

A law student takes a job as the night-watchman in a morgue, thinking that he will have much time to study, with his biggest problem being his paranoia in this scary setting. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose and the student ends up getting mixed up with one of the murders, becoming a suspect.

The Director and Players for Nightwatch (1997) 720p

[Director]Ole Bornedal
[Role:]Nick Nolte
[Role:]Ewan McGregor
[Role:]Anais Evans
[Role:]Erich Anderson

The Reviews for Nightwatch (1997) 720p

Reviewed byPMR-4Vote: 3/10/10

Any great expectations you may have for this film begin to fade after 20minutes. The director succeeds in creating a fine eerie atmosphere withshots that linger just long enough to make you expect something to happen,and does nothing with it. The film soon throws away any attempt at adecentplot and unravels under it's own pseudo intellectualism.Ewan McGregor smirks so much (probably at his attempt at an americanaccent,Sean Connery anyone?) you think he's just walked off the set ofTrainspotting with a stash of drugs.Nick Nolte hams his way through every scene looking like a part time dragqueen and Josh Brolin seems to be lost in his characters confusing moodswings. As for the women in the film, they seem to lack any substance atall and are very one dimensional. The film fails in sustaining anyinterest, it skips over all of it's gaping plot holes and has an endingwhich is very unfulfilling.

Fantastically shocking suspense thrillerReviewed byrant79Vote: 10/10


It is always a pleasure to watch Ewan McGregor work, as he fully immerses himself into his roles-truly becoming the character he plays. I can honestly say this is the first film in a LONG time that, well it scared the crap out of me. Amazingly written, cast, and filmed, I felt it achieved an ingenious atmosphere similar to that in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, which is imperative to the effect of a good suspense/thriller/horror film. One of my definite favourites, in case you couldn't tell =).

Reviewed bysolVote: 6/10/10

***SPOILERS*** Nick Nolte for all intents and purposes looking likeBoris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster but without the use of makeupis police inspector Thomas Cray who's in charge of a special policetask force trying to find and capture, dead or alive, a serial killer.The killer for some weird reason has a habit of cutting out the eyes ofhis dead victims, all women, and then raping their corpses. It seemsthat the killer wants to quit the business of serial killing but at thesame time wants the police and the law to leave him alone and stophunting him down so he can enjoy his retirement.

This sets up the story for young law student Martin Bell, Ewan McGeror,who just got a job at the local medical examiner building as a nightwatchman where all the recent murder victims of the killers are kept.The killer plans to frame young Martin as can then be free from beingtracked down and arrested for the crimes that Martin will be jailedfor.

"Nightwatch" has it's share of cheap thrills and a number of twists andturns in it's story but their very unconvincing in how the killer, whoyou can spot almost as soon as you see him, is so hard for the policeto find when his actions are so insane and weird just like those of themurderer.

The film-makers put two people into roles that would make you thinkthat their the real killer of the people in the movie. One is soobvious that you just know that he didn't do it and is just a redherring put into the movie to get you and the police off the track ofthe real killer.

There's also a fact that he, the killer, once worked in the medicalexaminer's office some time ago and was dismissed for messing aroundwith the corpses. All that is in the medical examiners recorddepartment which should have been a dead give away to everyone involvedjust too who he really is.

There's also some scenes in the movie that focus on a photo of LewisPaine, thats pinned to the wall in the night watchman's office one ofthe people executed for the murder of President Abraham Lincoln in1865. This seems to indicate to the audience that he, or his ghost, mayhave something to do with the killings but in the end nothing evercomes of it and he's completely forgotten well before the movie isover.

There's also a very mixed-up sub-plot in the movie between Martin'sfriend James, Josh Brolin, and a hooker he picked up at the local busstation Joyce, Alix Koromzay,who he's trying to get Martin to have anaffair with her. This moronic attempt by James is to give him a highsince it seems that the normal high he used to get with women by havingsex is no longer there and even having the hell beat out of him to gethigh doesn't work either.

Joyce's relations with Martin, which are almost next to nothing, hashis girlfriend Kathy, Pat Arquette, leave him and in the end. Sureenough Joyce ends up being a victim of the on the loose serial killerand Martin, becomes the prime suspect just like the killer wanted inthe crime.

The ending of "Nightwatch" had the usual damsel as well as good guyboth in distress with the crazed killer having them both tied down on atable in the mortuary and about to cut both their skulls open with anelectric slicer. It's then when the person who was made to look likethe killer during the entire movie coming to their rescue, minus athumb, blasting the real killer away and sending him to his justreward.

"Nightwatch" is a watchable horror/suspense movie but it's hard to takeseriously at all due it it's very predictable and unconvincing storyand the killer is so obvious that you can easily spot him well beforethe movie reveals his true identity.

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