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Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

Nights in Rodanthe is a movie starring Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Christopher Meloni. A doctor, who is travelling to see his estranged son, sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn.

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The Synopsis for Nights in Rodanthe (2008) 720p

Adrienne Willis, a woman with her life in chaos, retreats to the tiny coastal town of Rodanthe, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to tend to a friend's inn for the weekend. Here she hopes to find the tranquility she so desperately needs to rethink the conflicts surrounding her -- a wayward husband who has asked to come home, and a teen-aged daughter who resents her every decision. Almost as soon as Adrienne gets to Rodanthe, a major storm is forecast and a guest named Dr. Paul Flanner arrive. The only guest at the inn, Flanner is not on a weekend escape but rather is there to face his own crisis of conscience. Now, with the storm closing in, the two turn to each other for comfort and, in one magical weekend, set in motion a life-changing romance that will resonate throughout the rest of their lives...

The Director and Players for Nights in Rodanthe (2008) 720p

[Director]George C. Wolfe
[Role:]Christopher Meloni
[Role:]Diane Lane
[Role:]Viola Davis
[Role:]Richard Gere

The Reviews for Nights in Rodanthe (2008) 720p

Nights in Rodanthe Movie Review from The Massie TwinsReviewed byGoneWithTheTwinsVote: 3/10

The chemistry between Richard Gere and Diane Lane periodically appears credible in the new film Nights in Rodanthe, adapted from Nicholas Sparks' novel, but the practicality and reasoning behind nearly all of their actions are unnatural. Borrowing heavily from the epic romance of 1980's Best Picture winner Out of Africa, Nights in Rodanthe fails to develop sense behind a spontaneous love affair between two unlikely candidates.

Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere) feels responsible for the death of a surgery patient who died from a reaction to anesthesia. In his guilt, he agrees to drive to an isolated beach house in Rodanthe, North Carolina to meet with the husband (Scott Glenn), who has filed a lawsuit against the dispirited doctor. The trip is on the way to his ultimate destination, however, which is to retrieve his son (James Franco) from Equador, where he has moved to in order to distance himself from his disappointment with his father and his poor handling of the fated operation.

Meanwhile, Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) is struggling with her two young children, who are in turn coping with their parent's recent divorce. Adrienne wants nothing to do with her unfaithful husband Jack (Christopher Meloni) who foments discontent with their children to coerce their mother into allowing him back. When Jack takes the kids for a spell, Adrienne travels to Rodanthe to look after a luxurious inn for her best friend ? the same vacation house that Dr. Flanner has booked ? leaving the two of them alone to slowly craft a life-changing romance.

The love story that builds from so many tragedies simply isn't convincing. The unmindful, unlucky doctor meets with the distraught mother in a terrifying hurricane ? what a perfect setting for romance. Even looking past the uninspired genesis, Nights in Rodanthe doesn't utilize its surprisingly short running time to develop the characters. The audience doesn't have time to become involved in their sudden affair, and the rest of their wooing takes place through voiceovers as they narrate love letters back and forth.

It's like a sillier version of Out of Africa, but with more crying, less sweeping romance, and more modernized problems for the lovers to contend with. Not as lengthy and noticeably missing a moving soundtrack and score, the story has been done repeatedly (especially from Nicholas Sparks); as a motion picture it is simply not ambitious enough to create a worthwhile movie-going experience.

  • Mike Massie

And who said romance is over???Reviewed byscreenwriter-14Vote: 8/10

NIGHTS IN RODANTHE brings back to the screen two talented actors in Diane Lane and Richard Gere in a simply beautiful story of a man and a woman hungry for something more in their lives than they have at present. The chemistry between Lane and Gere is magical from the first scene in the film to their last embrace. The locations, beauty of their attraction for one another when it unfolds when they first meet, and the story that follows, and as they begin to know each other with the attraction they feel towards each other is real, is romance that is projected to an audience with tender care. James Franco in another micro role is just the right casting, and the elegance of Lane in combination with the beach house, is a true Fall 2008 film to remember forever, as was THE NOTEBOOK.

Not entirely successful but not a bombReviewed bypreppy-3Vote: 7/10

Dr. Paul Flanner (Richard Gere), a successful surgeon, has his wife leave him, his son (an uncredited James Franco) not respect him and looses a patient he's operating on. Adrienne Willis (Diane Lane) has two children and discovers her husband has cheated on her. They both need to get away. She watches over a beautiful oceanside inn in Rodanthe at the same time he books a room. They're all alone together. You can pretty much figure out the rest.

This is what's known as a weepie or a woman's film. It's beautifully shot with a romantic setting and lots of quiet scenes. There's tragedy, romance, more tragedy and an uplifting ending (sort of). The great acting by Gere and Lane helps disguise the fact that this film isn't really about much. Every single bit of the plot is predictable. I rolled my eyes a lot at some of the events. Also it's far too short--I didn't believe the romance between Gere and Lane for a second. If comes out of nowhere and moves VERY quickly. Still the movie does work. The inn itself is absolutely gorgeous and I was in tears by the end along with most of the audience. So it's a predictable but gorgeous movie with some wonderful acting. It doesn't deserve all the criticism it's getting. I give it a 7.

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