Limelight (1952) 1080p YIFY Movie

Limelight (1952) 1080p

Limelight is a movie starring Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, and Nigel Bruce. A fading comedian and a suicidally despondent ballet dancer must look to each other to find meaning and hope in their lives.

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  • Genre: Drama | Music
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 137
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The Synopsis for Limelight (1952) 1080p

Chaplin's final American film tells the story of a fading music hall comedian's effort to help a despondent ballet dancer learn both to walk and feel confident about life again. The highlight of the film is the classic duet with Chaplin's only real artistic film comedy rival, Buster Keaton.

The Director and Players for Limelight (1952) 1080p

[Role:]Nigel Bruce
[Role:]Buster Keaton
[Role:]Claire Bloom
[Role:Director]Charles Chaplin
[Role:]Charles Chaplin

The Reviews for Limelight (1952) 1080p

Reviewed byJuha RislakkiVote: /10

Charles Chaplin is, at least for me, the best film maker of all time. AndLimelight is his best film. It is one of the 10 films I have given 100/100.

The film is about this old comedian who can't find himself a job. He saves ayoung girl who tried to commit suicide. Well, they become friends and stuff.

Simply the film is perfect. There is nothing bad I could say about it. Well,maybe the ballet scene was too long (but maybe I just can't concentrateenough). The script, the music, the actors, the whole philosophicalstructure of the film! They are all perfect. And the end of the film issomething so beautiful that you really have to see it.

If there is one thing you have to see, make sure it'll be Chaplin'sLimelight!

High melodramaReviewed byVarlaamVote: 5/10

Chaplin's story of a once-great, now-humble music hall comedian has a quality level which varies with each scene. Chaplin never really got accustomed to the advent of sound, and much of this film -- the comedy sequences, in particular -- is in the style of his earlier, better, funnier silents. I think it would be inappropriate to say that he descends into self-parody, but ...

The dramatic scenes however, while not perfect, are certainly much better. Charlot often cannot avoid the urge to pontificate on broad philosophical issues, but when he returns to his main storyline there are often moments of pathos, which give him some of his best opportunities to express facial emotion since the final, indelible shot of "City Lights". This film often feels like a re-evaluation of "City Lights" in fact.

"Limelight" contains many echoes of earlier Chaplin themes. Calvero's longing to live in the country was fulfilled by the Little Tramp in "A Dog's Life" (1918).

In her memoir, "Leaving a Doll's House" (1996), Claire Bloom writes that she feels too Jewish to be a comfortable English rose. I don't know; she seems appealingly roselike to me. Her performance however is overamplified at times, but I put that down to the influence of her director.

The rest of the cast is like a bag of liquorice allsorts, lots of variety, nothing especially appetizing. Nigel Bruce plays Nigel Bruce, Norman Lloyd struggles with his English accent, Chaplin's son Sydney is here through the intercession of a doting father, Buster Keaton seems glad just to be working. Poor Buster.

It is interesting to observe that this film evokes "A Dog's Life", since that happens to be a Chaplin film with an unusual Keatonesque final joke. It's a pity that with their complementary styles, we never had more occasions to see the two together, just this once as twilight darkened into night.

A Bit Long, But a Solid Wrap to Chaplin's CareerReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 7/10

Chaplin without the tramp costume is almost unrecognizable. Also, how often have you heard his voice and realized he was a British gentleman? (And not just talking -- he is quite the singer here.)

The film itself was kind of slow and much too long, but the segments of Chaplin performing on stage were great... he could have just done that for 90 minutes!

Calvero's partner was played by Buster Keaton. Keaton and Chaplin had never before appeared together in a feature film, and this was to be Chaplin's final American production. It is a fitting end to Chaplin's career, a nice farewell to the tramp, and by throwing in Buster Keaton it puts to rest the idea that the two were "rivals" (when, in fact, they admired each other).

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