Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (2014) 720p YIFY Movie

Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (2014)

Ironclad: Battle for Blood is a movie starring Michelle Fairley, Roxanne McKee, and Rosie Day. A survivor of the Great Siege of Rochester Castle fights to save his clan from Celtic raiders. A sequel to the 2011 film, "Ironclad."

IMDB: 4.42 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 108
  • IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (2014) 720p

Gathered together by young Hubert (Tom Rhys Harries), a small band of hired swords gather inside his families castle intent on holding off evil Celtic Tribesmen hell-bent on revenge for the death of their leaders' son: a young mercenary named Guy (Tom Austen) whose soul is wracked with guilt over the atrocities he has committed during the days and years after the great battle of Rochester Castle and his burgeoning feelings for Kate, his cousin (Roxanne McKee), ; battle-hardened mercenaries such as Berenger (David Caves), who fight not for God and country for money and bloodlust.

The Director and Players for Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (2014) 720p

[Director]Jonathan English
[Role:]Tom Austen
[Role:]Michelle Fairley
[Role:]Rosie Day
[Role:]Roxanne McKee

The Reviews for Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood (2014) 720p

UK Movie Makers Infected with Hollywood DiseaseReviewed bykmichaelpmVote: 1/10

The last hope for the embattled movie-goer has been destroyed with the release of this so-called movie. British movies have up to now not been plagued by the Hollywood disease of bad directors, bad dialogue, bad acting, and use of the shaky camera for action scenes. Sadly, either the makers of this movie imported one of the useless crop of Hollywood directors or else they succumbed to the new Hollywood practices, which have seen the quality of Hollywood movies plunge. This movie is beyond bad. The acting is diabolical. The dialogue is criminally bad. The plot is all over the place. The sets are a joke and the massive overuse of the shaky cam for action scenes would actually make you dizzy. In fact in some scenes the shaky cam continues even when the action has stopped. I wonder if the producers even watched this rubbish before they released it. If they did, then they have no consciences. I strongly advise all sane movie goers to avoid this so called movie at all costs, and I sincerely hope that this is not the future of British movies.

Reviewed bybrchthethirdVote: 5/10/10

While the first IRONCLAD was a solid medieval action movie, this sequelis essentially the same movie and, even more to it's detriment, ishorribly shot and edited. Describing the plot is an easy task.Basically, replace King John's small army with a clan of Scottishraiders and you have this movie. The only connection between the two isa minor character, Guy, who is the main character in this sequel (butplayed by a different actor). Other than that, the plot plays out, beatfor beat, almost exactly like its predecessor. And to top things off,it is worse in almost every department. The acting isn't as good as thefirst one and there aren't any big-name actors to elevate the material,but no one stuck out as being particularly horrible. Additionally, theviolence and gore aren't completely practical this time, instead optingfor CGI blood spatter and poor dummy work for the more graphic shots(e.g., beheading). There was also some fairly obvious green screen andCGI enhancements that were really distracting at times. However, theworst aspect of this film is the camera-work, which is mostly"shaky-cam." Hand-held camera during the dialogue scenes didn't reallybother me, but the vigorous shaking of the camera during the actionsequences was nauseating and made them extremely hard to follow. Still,there are a few aspects which aren't too bad. For one the score isappropriate to the material, even though a bit overblown. And eventhough the action scenes are rather poorly filmed, there are some goodkills. They also attempt (with mixed results) to give the characters,including the villains, some depth. Overall, this film is a few stepsdown from the first in terms of quality across the board, some of itprobably due to the reduced budget.

If You Like The Shaky Camera Movement In Films Today...Reviewed byRainey DawnVote: 3/10

If you like the shaky camera movement in film today then you might like the cinematography of "Ironclad II", if it makes you nauseated to watch then pass on this film - the movie is full of shaky camera movement. I do NOT like the "let's shake the camera" cinematography.

Now, if the camera was still then I could have enjoyed this film a lot more. The story is OK, not grand but okay. Acting is alright while the costumes & sets are really nice but that's about it with this film.

This is NOTHING like the original film as far as quality. I know they were on a budget but why ruin the film with a shaky camera? This is why I'm NOT fond of today's films - nauseating camera movements.

I'm disappointed in this film - and I was looking forward to watching it but not with this shaky camera. Film makers: "Please stop with all the crappy shaky cameras - it's annoying! Copycatting this crappy style makes for a crappy film.".


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