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Hubble 3D (2010)

An IMAX 3D camera chronicles the effort of 7 astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

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The Synopsis for Hubble 3D (2010) 720p

An IMAX 3D camera chronicles the effort of 7 astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Director and Players for Hubble 3D (2010) 720p

[Director]Toni Myers
[Role:]Leonardo DiCaprio
[Role:]Andrew J. Feustel
[Role:]Scott D. Altman

The Reviews for Hubble 3D (2010) 720p

3D DeliciousReviewed bym2dadVote: 8/10

Most of the 3D movies coming out these days are simply exploits by the film companies to cash in on the present 3D craze. This is NOT one of those films. 3D is everything in this presentation. If you are not able to see it in IMAX 3D I wouldn't bother. The movie is fascinating when it comes to explaining the difficulties in having to repair and upgrade a technological marvel. But,in 3D you are put seemingly inches away from an astronaut who is prepped for the coming mission, and right there as astronauts try to install new equipment into tight-fitting spots on the telescope. But, to me, the real worth of this film is seeing the expanse of the universe in 3D and seeing the incredible beauty of what is out there. You cannot possibly experience this without the 3D. As the telescope zooms through galaxies we see stars fly into the audience and past us as we reach deeper into space. I guarantee that most, after having seen this wonderful film in 3D will admit that they previously had no real concept of the vastness of space, and the endless billions of galactic bodies. Only the 3D experience makes it possible to wrap our brains around at least a small degree of understanding of how big our universe is, and the infinite galaxies which seem exist, let alone the billions and billions of stars(to quote the late Carl Sagen). I rate this 8 out of 10, subtracting 2 stars (no pun intended) because the film left me craving for more scientific explanation about the amazing details of the spacial orbs and expanses we see visually.

Reviewed byDICK STEELVote: 8/10/10

The latest attraction at the Science Centre Omni Theatre, Hubble ispresented sans the 3D version since the venue can only project 2D IMAXfilms. A friend who attended the special preview at Shaw Lido IMAX hadmentioned that Hubble 3D was one of the trailers shown as an up andcoming feature, but I remain a skeptic because I can't imagine acommercial cinema operator wanting to showcase a 40 minute documentary,when it probably can make a lot more showing the latest blockbusters inthe format. I will be glad to stand corrected, but it remains to beseen.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit some 21 years ago tomuch fanfare, and even more fuss made over it when it was discovered ithad myopia (OK, in case you really think I meant that, it had faultymirrors). So more space programmes were launched to have its telescopicsight fixed through the application of contact lens equivalents, andsince then we've been treated to some of the most astounding picturescaptured of our galaxy and beyond. This film chronicles the finalservicing mission undertaken by the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis inMay 2009, and in fact is quite lightweight in treatment and narrative.

There isn't much of a background on what and how Hubble was designedand conceived - you're left to your own devices to get chummy with thetelescope. The bulk of the documentary focuses on the crew of theAtlantis and their mission at hand, from ground training at NASA, tothe blast off from the launchpad, with quick glimpses of their lifeaboard the shuttle, before a rather detailed look at their space walkand repair at hand, with the narration, by Leonardo DiCaprio, focusedon the danger of having their suits ripped by sharp, pointy objects aspart of their work.

The other focus of Hubble the film is on the images captured by it,which gives space and astronomy idiots like myself a quick and slightintroduction to stars, systems, nebulas and the peek inside thoseastonishing vastness of space invisible to the naked eye. Withinfra-red lenses too we get to see past space clouds that mask hiddengems beneath, and truly that's something that made this documentarystand out a little.

Still, I would have preferred if it had a more holistic approach toHubble, but for what it is, presented on an IMAX format, it's stillquite something to behold. Recommended!

Reviewed bykimberleyanne-social02Vote: 2/10/10

i watched this movie "on demand" & was fine with idea of seeing it w/othe imax presentation, however the charge for renting it through yourcable provider is still not cheap if you want it on high-def. THEBIGGEST waste of money as a far as a movie/documentary goes that i haveseen in a looooong time. i know enough about the hubble telescope toknow the images it takes & was hoping to see more background behindthat & i was led to believe so through the film description (as well assome about the astronauts & their mission).. that was made clear. 3/4+of the film was about the astronauts & their handiwork in fixing atelescope! with something as amazing as the hubble i figured they wouldhave shown so much more imagery & so much more on the scientific scaleversus nasa spacemen training, blasting off into space, & messingaround with the camera & the fittings. makes me wonder why it was shownon imax at all or why they even really needed much of a narrator? somebeautiful images & info initially & ending, but for the majority, i wasbored & my money wasted. i fast-forwarded through a third of it. icould see that on any old program on the science channel or look it upmyself. practically 1/2 of an astronaut's job is fixing things in spacewhen they go down, nothing new. disappointed with the whole thing.unless that sounds okay or appealing to you & you'd like to see a bunchof astronauts doing their thing, i'd skip it. good luck!

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