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Hereditary (2018)

After the family matriarch passes away, a grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences, and begin to unravel dark secrets.

IMDB: 3.015 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 127
  • IMDB Rating: 3.0/10 
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The Synopsis for Hereditary (2018) 720p

When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter's family begins to unravel cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry.

The Director and Players for Hereditary (2018) 720p

[Director]Ari Aster
[Role:]Alex Wolff
[Role:]Toni Collette
[Role:]Gabriel Byrne
[Role:]Milly Shapiro

The Reviews for Hereditary (2018) 720p

First time I've logged into IMDB in 10 years just to review this....2nd review ever.Reviewed bytyrael84Vote: 10/10

Quick preface, yes I do love horror movies - anything from zombies to slasher films to your supernatural and all-too-human and real thriller types etc etc. I always have and I've seen more than I could even begin to count. You could say I have a bit of an affinity for horror movies, sure, but that doesn't cloud my mind when it comes to identifying a turd vs a masterpiece.

Hereditary is as close to a masterpiece as I have seen though I wouldn't brand it as a masterpiece for the simple fact that it's a bit too akin to "perfect" and nothing is perfect. There is not a single jump scare, not a single loud burst noise meant to startle you, nothing purposeful and obvious anyway (or at all). It's just a pure, unadulterated creepfest. Eerie, disturbing, uncomfortable, unsettling - all words I would absolutely use to describe this movie in the best way possible.

Many horror movies and thrillers like A Quiet Place (also a great film) have some very suspenseful scenes. But those are just scenes. Temporary settings in which the director can build up suspense to some fun climax. All I will say about that aspect of Hereditary is at a certain point, the entirety of the movie put me in a long, sustained state of suspense. Nearly literal edge-of-my-seat kind of thing except that I was too comfortable leaning back.

I don't even see it necessary to get into any sort of specifics with this film. Read the synopsis and reviews, etc etc. Just know that it is so much more than any words can truly describe. Do yourself a favor and see it. For me, an avid moviegoer especially concerning horror movies, this thing is a gem. Wonderfully acted, the soundscape and landscape is just so damn perfect. Off-screen noises coupled with a very appropriate visual just fills you with a sense of dread at times for what is happening on screen. I absolutely loved this movie. It affected me more than any other movie in recent memory, maybe ever.

I truly, truly do not understand even in the slightest how this movie is getting anything less than a 7 or an 8. These clowns bashing it and giving it a 1 are off their rocker. I don't know what they were watching but it wasn't Hereditary. My only guess is they were expecting some obvious jumpy typical Hollywood scary movie that didn't present them with obvious, orthodox scares. I was so stunned to see ANY 1s at all much less several. Ignore them entirely. Just see it.

Best horror film of the year (until now)Reviewed bylucasacostaVote: 9/10

In an instance of the history of cinema where the brilliance is less and less appreciated by the general public, is that Ari Aster presents us this dense family drama that involves a story of dark and insane horror. It's just that, the story of a family that is suffering throughout the film the most devastating misfortunes, and that converge in a horror beyond what they could have imagined. Hereditary addresses the issue of demonic possession and satanic cults at a higher artistic level, although unlike its counterparts, it presents a slow rhythm but full of anguish, pain and a very uninviting future that is anticipated. During a big part of the film, both the characters and us, the spectators, we will not know what is happening or what is going to happen, and it is partly this intrigue that keeps us all moving forward with the story despite what slow it may seem, the last act being the most intense, almost as if they saved everything for the end (even with some pretty horrid moments scattered throughout the film). And it is also that moment where everything explodes what makes this film worthwhile, because everything seen during the first and a half hour was for a purpose and everything has an answer. A horrible and brutal answer if you are able to connect with the movie correctly, or probably a disappointing end if, on the contrary, you expect another type of more conventional horror. Technically it is impeccable, it is in its history where for me it rises up to the best recent films of the genre, but it is the perfect mix of direction, cinematography, soundtrack and brilliant acting together with a magnificent script, which can even be considered of the best in terms of cinema in general that has given us the 2018. If you liked The VVitch and The Babadook or you're a fan of classical masterpieces like The Exorcist or The Rosemary's Baby, you'll surely find in Hereditary a work of the cinema of Horror that will please you. I reiterate, if your taste falls on more conventional genre films, decrease your hype a little and try to commit yourself to the story and maybe, you can enjoy some good movies and notice the quality of this film beyond whether it entertained you or not . Undoubtedly and despite the large number of mediocre horror films that are made in heaps, in the most recent years, some people has made exceptional and magnificent horror films that can even compete with the great classics of the genre. Hereditary is absolutelly one of them.

Acting was amazing, ending left me feeling robbed.Reviewed bymomontherandomVote: 6/10

The acting in this movie was by far its redeeming trait. There was so much creepiness to go around and Toni Collette owned her role. I felt extremely uncomfortable at a couple points and almost regretted going to the theater alone.

That all changed with the last 10 minutes. The movie is a little over two hours, so that's a long emotional investment. But then you get to the "twist" and it starts to get hokey and lame. The spookiness up until that point had now turned into what felt like a last ditch effort for an end to the movie. At one point in the movie, my mouth was hanging open in shock and horror, when the end credits started rolling, my mouth was hanging open in disappointment. If you want to love the movie, leave 15 minutes before it's over and just make up an ending in your mind. You'll feel much more satisfied.

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