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God Told Me To (1976)

God Told Me To is a movie starring Tony Lo Bianco, Deborah Raffin, and Sandy Dennis. A New York detective investigates a series of murders committed by random New Yorkers who claim that "God told them to."

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The Synopsis for God Told Me To (1976) 720p

The storyline of this movie involves a series of motiveless murders committed by various New York residents: a sniper shoots people from a water tower; a father murders his entire family; and a cop opens fire during a St. Patrick's Day parade. The only consistent pattern to the crimes involves the perpetrators calm admissions of guilt, explaining, "God told me to." While investigating the murders, catholic police detective Peter Nicholas is increasingly troubled by evidence of a Christ-like figure named Bernard Phillips who appeared to each of the killers and can't seem to shake the feeling that his own fate is somewhat linked to this mysterious being. As he comes closer to the truth, his worst fears are confirmed.

The Director and Players for God Told Me To (1976) 720p

[Director]Larry Cohen
[Role:]Sylvia Sidney
[Role:]Sandy Dennis
[Role:]Tony Lo Bianco
[Role:]Deborah Raffin

The Reviews for God Told Me To (1976) 720p

Why? GOd told me toReviewed byBezenbyVote: 7/10

God Told Me To (1975) Directed by: Larry Cohen Starring: Tony De Bianco Yes! I've been trying to track this one down for a long long time, and immediately upon spotting it coupled with some film called Pranks on the usual Vipco rip-off label I snatched it up and ran home and watched The Case of The Bloody Iris (review soon).

Then I watched this film, which doesn't really belong in the horror genre as such. It's almost like a David Cronenberg, David Lynch type affair, although I think God Told Me To was around before both of those directors had made their mark.

God Told Me To was made by Larry Cohen, who appears on this site in the form of two inferior, later flicks: Q The Winged Serpent and The Stuff. Both those films are a laugh, and suitably trashy, but God Told Me To has an extra sense of weirdness and general lunacy which makes it, for me, his best film.

A lone gunman on top of a water tower in New York starts wasting people with a rifle. After killing fourteen people, cop Tony De Bianco manages to get near enough to try and talk him down. Upon being asked why he's killing folk, the young man cheerily replies 'God Told Me To' and throws himself off the building.

This isn't an isolated case, however. Someone else goes crazy in a supermarket, whereas a cop (played by Andy Kaufman!) starts shooting people during the St Patrick's parade. One guy picks up a shotgun and wastes him family, pleasantly describing what he's done to Bianco in what makes for quite a chilling scene. When asked why they did it, every one of them answers 'God Told Me To'.

Bianco begins investigating and finds that indeed all these people had been in contact with someone God-like, but no on can remember his face. Has God returned to Earth? Who is the businessman who warned the cops of the impending attacks? And what's Bianco really got to do with it all? There's no need to go on with the plot, because it would just waste things. Most of the appeal of God Told Me To is sitting on the couch scratching your head, wondering where the film is going to head to next. It's by turns a thriller, a horror, and bit of sci-fi. The ending for me was pretty satisfying, and I can't wait to watch it again (something I rarely say on this site).

Some people might have a problem with Cohen's direction, however. He seems to a lot of stuff in one take, and his editing is a bit shaky at times. As this is a low budget flick the special effects are awful too, but none of these points made the film any worse for me. It could for some people, however.

Strange that Cohen would go on to direct one of the worst films ever in the late eighties. Anyone else watched Return to Salem's Lot? He wrote Maniac Cop around the same time though. Which was good.

But he also wrote Phone Booth, which was a bit dodgy.

Schlock HappyReviewed byJaniceBackFromTheDeadVote: 7/10

"God Told Me To" is in many ways Larry Cohen's best picture, which probably isn't saying all that much to people unaccustomed to the confines of schlock cinema. Viewers who never watch anything that doesn't play at the local Cineplex will look upon this picture with a sense of mounting dread over the low production values and haphazard plot lines. I, however, am the Queen of Bad Cinema, and my realm contains a round table where Sir Cohen sits with Lord Herschell Gordon Lewis, Baron William Castle, and Sir Roger Corman of New Concorde. I can take the offering that is "God Told Me To" and pronounce it good and godly. And I will, because Michael Moriarty appears nowhere in this film. Cohen seems to have a thing for the squirrelly actor of "Law & Order" fame, casting him in at least three of his major works--"The Stuff," "Q: The Winged Serpent," and "It's Alive." After anxiously looking around for Moriarty's name anywhere near this film and not seeing it, I settled in for what I hoped would become a wonderful experience.

Although far from perfect, "God Told Me To" is immensely entertaining. Did I mention I don't care much for Michael Moriarty? Here's a movie any B-movie fan can really sink his or her teeth into. Imagine New York City in the 1970s (I know, it's unpleasant, but do it anyway). The streets bustle with activity as people drive, walk, and ride their bikes to various destinations. Why, look there! Here comes a chap peddling along without a care in the world! Then we hear a shot ring out and the poor guy does a header into the pavement. Do angels ride bicycles? Anyway, more shots ring out and more people tumble to the pavement, presumably incapable of ever rising again. It looks like some guy channeling Charles Whitman is up on a wooden water tower playing target practice. Fortunately, tough cop Peter Nicholas (Tony Lo Bianco) assumes the highly dangerous task of talking the hunter down. He fails spectacularly, but before he does the gunman tells Nicholas that "God told me to" murder all of these people. This cop will continue to hear this phrase in the coming days after a devoted father slaughters his family, after a police officer (Andy Kaufman!) goes off the deep end during a parade, and after a few other highly unpleasant incidents unfold in the Big Apple. In other words, what we see happening here is just a typical day in New York City. What's the big deal? Well, Larry Cohen isn't content to merely let his movie founder in the degradation of the typical police thriller genre. No sir! What starts out as a series of seemingly unconnected crimes turns out to be something so sinister that the human mind boggles while attempting to conceive of it. Turns out Nicholas is a highly devote Catholic with a wife (Sandy Dennis) and a young girlfriend (Deborah Raffin) who feels as though he's different from everyone else. The whole "god told me to" thing finds the detective discovering exactly why he never seemed to fit in. His investigation into the crimes turns up reports of an immaculate conception years before, a shadowy cult that worships some nut named Bernard Phillips (Richard Lynch), and Mason Adams playing an obstetrician. Then things get really weird. Nicholas tracks down a woman who tells him a story he would rather not hear, complete with on screen flashbacks, about an alien abduction that took place years ago. Again, this type of stuff is par for the course in New York City, but you wouldn't know it by watching Detective Peter Nicholas's reaction. He races out of the building on a quest to track down the enigmatic Bernard Phillips, with good reason. The very future of the human race could well depend on our hero putting a stop to the supernatural shenanigans going on in his beloved city. Wow!

I'm not quite sure what to make of "God Told Me To." The film doesn't fit in any single cinematic genre, so I'm not sure it would appeal to fans of pure cop dramas, or pure science fiction, or pure apocalyptic films. You sort of need to transcend boundaries with this movie or you'll only end up liking chunks of it. I do think that Tony Lo Bianco did a wonderful job as the conflicted and tormented Detective Peter Nicholas. As proof of this assertion, I ask that you view closely the scene where he listens to the father talk about butchering his family. The rage slowly building in every fiber of Lo Bianco's being as he digests this string of spoken atrocities appears so genuine that I thought he was really going to deck that guy when he finally blows. So I guess you can say the acting isn't too bad. The special effects, on the other hand, ain't that great. You get a cheesy showdown between Phillips and Nicholas at the end involving a lot of camera shaking, collapsing walls, and flashing lights--hardly the stuff of big budget effects teams working with state of the art equipment. But ultimately, "God Told Me To" is entertaining because it's creepy and offbeat.

Cohen's films are seeing a big resurgence on DVD thanks in large part to Blue Underground. Included as extras on the disc are a commentary with Cohen, a poster and stills gallery, a trailer, a Cohen biography, and seven television spots. I learned by watching these extras that "God Told Me To" also went by the name of "Demon," which often means that the movie tanked under its original title so the distribution company slapped a new moniker on it in order to release it somewhere else. If you want to explore the Larry Cohen canon, this picture is a great place to start.

To paraphrase others... "What the f****?"Reviewed byinnocuousVote: 3/10

Wow! I have to agree with Ebert about this one. If I were seeing this in a theater, I would strongly suspect that the reels were being shown out of order.

However, that would last only halfway through the movie, as it quickly becomes obvious that this movie wouldn't make sense with the reels in ANY order. The subplots alone, which go absolutely nowhere, are enough to have you leaving the theater in confusion.

A totally confusing mish-mash of juvenile ideas and lousy acting by people who should know better. It really isn't worth your time. It's not outright harmful, but it is certainly not any sort of "lost gem".

My advice is to just skip it and watch something else. You will not have missed anything.

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