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Food Choices (2016)

Food Choices is a movie starring Pam Popper, T. Colin Campbell, and Joe Cross. This documentary follows filmmaker Michal Siewierski as he explores the impact that food choice has on people's health, the health of our planet and on...

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The Synopsis for Food Choices (2016) 720p

This documentary follows filmmaker Michal Siewierski as he explores the impact that food choice has on people's health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other species sharing our world. It looks at many misconceptions about food and diet, offering a new view on these issues. The film interviews world-renowned experts, including Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Rich Roll, Joe Cross, Dr. John McDougall, Capitan Paul Watson, Dr. Toni Bark, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. Michael Greger, Gloria Athanis, and several others. You will never look at your plate in the same way again.

The Director and Players for Food Choices (2016) 720p

[Director]Michal Siewierski
[Role:]Joe Cross
[Role:]T. Colin Campbell
[Role:]Ashlee Piper
[Role:]Pam Popper

The Reviews for Food Choices (2016) 720p

Eurocentric, chauvinist, false scienceReviewed byjdkrones-585-944985Vote: 2/10

This movie might make you think, but it is certainly not the whole story. Instead of actually talking with nutritionists who *don't* have personal financial agendas and striving to get the whole, holistic story, the author/narrator obviously went into this project with a clear directive of promoting a vegan diet. There's nothing in this film to balance the argument, let alone provide 'food for thought' to lead a balanced life.

The biggest problem with the film is the complete lack of holistic research performed: much like Cowspiracy and other pro-vegan propaganda produced in recent years, it is based in large part on a report produced by the UNFAO attributing the meat industry of producing global greenhouse gases in excess of 18%. That report was found to be heavily biased, completely false, and was eventually retracted from the scientific world.

This movie took three years to make, and the producer was ignorant that the data he was using was false? Or, he wasn't on an actual 'personal journey' and instead had a very clear goal.

Another note (for a longer discussion) is that meat is just one of about 115 different products that come out of a single beef cow - the amount of water, energy, and time that goes into producing a burger also produced medicine, tools, clothing, and a plethora of other valuable resources for the growing world.

This movie was also heavily Eurocentric and chauvinist: a whole five minutes spent on discussing erectile dysfunction? Using data that correlates the high rates of cancer and other illnesses to countries that have a propensity for 'meat heavy diets?' Only the two at the 'top' of the chart (that is, with low rates of cancer) are lesser-developed countries, and both are in SE Asia which have a high rate of indigenous vegetarian diets. Nothing about any country in Africa or South America, both of which have high rates of indigenous omnivorous diets.

No one can live forever, and eating a 'plant-based diet' won't save you from your own mortality - not eating meat might decrease one type of cancer, but for every 'solution' we make for ourselves, Nature devises another way to kill us. Thinking that just eating fruits and vegetables will grant you immortality is naive, and pretending that your elongated life span is better for the world than eating local is ignorant of the huge negative impacts of overpopulation and the rising costs of geriatric healthcare.

If you want to better understand your diet, talk to a nutritionist. Meet your local farmers. Grow your own food. Sustainability is holistic: ecological, economic, and social.

Must-watch!Reviewed bymafaldasofiamartinsVote: 7/10

A must-watch documentary for everybody! It exposes the truth of what industry and large companies wants the consumers to believe. This documentary makes you think about the choices you make with scientific proofs of what is told. It covers all the aspects of going vegan and why to do so - from healthy issues to the way animal are killed in food industry. Everybody should see it, even if you aren't thinking about going vegan - at least you get educated on this topic and can make more conscious choices.

An eye opening DocumentaryReviewed byabhishekshrVote: 7/10

Nicely done and very informative documentary. For healthy society and healthy and better planet earth plant based diet seems to be the answer.

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